Codename Mimir devlog 1: Introduction

Codename "Mimir" (not final name) is a programming game in which you program robots to fight in a dogfight arena. You use a choice of programming language to write the tick() function, in which you observe the environment and activate thrusters/weapons and so on.


So far, the backend is working, and I'm getting there on the frontend part. I've created a syntax-highlighted text editor and begun work on the graphics:

Above is mainly to get used to using shaders and WebGL, which I was unfamiliar with. Tying this together with my previous work on a syntax highlighted text editor is easy. Edit the following JSON to change the ship's angle, health and position:

While this might not look like much, it demonstrates the composition of a few different milestones: a text editor, and state that is based on contents of the editor (granted this will actually come from the dogfight updates from the server, but it's good to have the two things related in this demo), and some basic graphics.

Hooking this up to the data sent from the backend will be straight forward. Next changes are going to be to add a nice health bar, thruster graphics, laser/cannon graphics, background graphics (maybe), and hooking up to a kind of "timeline" state (lines of JSON) which emulate how the dogfight updates are sent from the backend.